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Please read all the rules carefully.

ONE; Play nice! In all_my_sees, we want to have a fun environment so everyone can enjoy the game. That means you need to treat other players with respect. If you have a disagreement with someone, please try to talk it out with them calmly. If you have major problems with another player you cannot solve, however, do not hesitate to bring it up to a moderator. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable in our game!

TWO; Please play ICly! If you are playing a canon character, and not an original character, then we ask only that you try to play that character with their original personality. This means that radical, unexplained and sudden personality changes, particularly of drastic nature, will be questioned by the mods. However, some changes in a character's behavior, if made gradually and under understandable circumstances, are only to be expected in a roleplaying situation.

THREE; No god-modding! You can't decide how others can or can't react; When roleplaying, keep in mind to keep your replies open-ended so that others may have the opportunity to react. Also, be sure to ask permission before doing something that may effect another character negatively or positively, and to check the permissions meme each character has. Whether you are about to kiss them, or punch them, communication is the key. Your character cannot know everything and do whatever they like, nor can they try to alter the course of the RP with the snap of their fingers--Persona-user or not, they're still a human being, and humans have limits.

FOUR; Read the FAQs! If you have a question that isn't answered, then leave a comment on the FAQ page and we'll be glad to answer!

FIVE; Good spelling and grammar is appreciated! This also means you must space your punctuation and capitalize your letters properly. Typos are understandable, but it's difficult to roleplay if we can't understand what you're saying. We won't hold occasional mistakes against ESL players, but don't use it as your crutch. Also, no typing "u" for "you" or typing "thru" for "through" or anything like that. If you fail to meet the terms for this rule, you will be warned.

SIX; Do not skip application details! Applications that are missing pieces will have to be revised.

If you have a suggestion for a rule we missed, feel free to offer it.
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