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Scanners are characters with the support skill set of Analysis and up. There are two types of scanners; ‘full’ and ‘partial’. A “full” scanner only has powers related to scanning and support (for example, Fuuka (P3) or Rise (P4), while a ‘partial’ is someone whose Persona is a combat-type able to use the skill Analysis (like Mitsuru (P3), or Teddie (P4)). Only a ‘full’ scanner is able to take Full Analyze and many other scanner skills.

--> Partial Scanners

Partial scanners have an extremely limited range and weak senses. They can only take the skill 'Analysis' out of the support skill set, which can be used to sense the weaknesses and approximate power of a single enemy at a time. Combat persona's with this ability do not need their persona's appearance to reflect the ability, and they do not gain access to certain appearances limited to full scanners. At the same time, they can take any other combat skills.

Example of a Lvl. 1 partial scanner:

Persona; Penthesilea
Weak; Fire
Strong; Ice
Persona abilities; Analyze, Mabufu, Dia

--> Full scanners.


• Full support characters have access to 'Full analysis', which reveals an enemy's stats, weak points, and any attacks or skills it may use (barring certain bosses).

• Full scanner Personae may also have a weakened scan that works at all times, even when they have not summoned. This allows for a non-exact sense of a character's health, as well as a gut feeling over the presence of shadows and occasionally danger.

How the powers work.

• Though all the skills are the same, scanners have a wide variety of ways their persona's work, influenced by the character's personality. A scanner with an interest in music 'hears' his scans, while a scanner with an interest in movies and games manifests them as an actual bio screen. You are encouraged to think of a unique way for your character to interpret the skill if you apply for a scanner.

• Scanners also have different strengths in what they can and cannot do. No scanner has perfect power or coverage. This strength should be influenced by their own talents and weaknesses; A character with an interest in the supernatural might be superior at finding shadows, while an extremely social character might be better at contacting people.

Protective shield/'Bubble'.

• Full Scanner-type Personae may have their Persona manifest in a protective shell around the user, which has been ICly nicknamed a ‘bubble’. This bubble, while active, blocks all attacks at the cost of the character not being able to move. When inactive, the character is weak to every element and attack. However, this is not uniform to all scanners, and like everything else, should be based around the character’s personality.
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