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These are the rumours currently running around town. To add a rumour, simply reply to this post; All comments are screened, so the source is mysterious both ICly and OOCly.


♣ I saw Alejandro and Yue together at the shrine! They're totally into each other.
♣ That new girl from England was expelled from her old school! Nobody knows why! That's why she had to move here. Doesn't help that she was talking to some homeless kid earlier.
♣ You know those portals that've been appearing? They're all Stargates!
♣ Those twins aren't missing, they're already dead.
♣ A rich man hid a 10 million yen note in one of the books in a local library.
♣ They say Paru is really a transvestite...
♣ If you drop something in the fountains at Paulownia Mall, you'll find another one soon!
St. Hermelin has mermaids living in the pool. They only come out at night though.
♣ That new idol in town has a fanclub 100,000 people strong that's following him... Do we really want those kind of people here?
♣ There's an albino vampire stalking Raitou at night-- He sucks people's blood to heal his wounds!
♣ This dude Isao isn't into girls or guys, but he really likes his bike, if you know what I mean.
♣ They say if you go into that other dimension, you never come back...
♣ I've been seeing that girl with the blog at Junes lately, maybe it's my imagination.
♣ The police don't believe me, but I swear my dog just disappeared into thin air! He didn't run away!
Yuki Idane was seen covered in blood! I heard it was some sort of human sacrifice!
♣ I got this weird text message the other day. Some sort of spam-- What sort of new brand is 'power'? But I didn't delete it, I hear you'll be cursed if you do!
♣ I saw Yue leave Alejandro's place wearing one of his shirts! Isn't it too soon for them to be doing stuff like... that?
♣ You know that Shino kid? I think he's really a girl. No boy could be that pretty, after all. He just dresses like a boy for some occult ritual.
♣ What's with that Neneko girl? She just avoids anyone she can. Isn't that kind of haughty? What a jerk...
♣ You know those two, Marina and Minato? Didn't they die? It's creepy... Doesn't that mean they're undead?
Yuki and Rosalinda went on a huge fancy date together... I heard he proposed, but she shot him down.
Emily once killed a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
♣ I swear I saw Isao playing Pokemon with Daigorou... It's the ones you'd never expect, I guess.
♣ That actress, Paru... I heard she bribes the police, and that's how she never gets arrested for sexual harassment.


♣ Those two brothers tried to kill someone in the street! They must be gangsters.
♣ I heard that new girl from England got in a gang fight... Damn foreigners, huh?
♣ Hasn't the gun violence in Raitou increased? Why isn't it on the news?
♣ I heard that red-haired idol is changing his nickname to 'Yuu-kun', but it's a secret-- Only the important fans know about it!
♣ That kid Shino is so creepy-- I hear he sees dead people!
♣ Those two missing girls are haunting the city.
♣ You know that idol? I saw him carrying some boy home! Could it be he doesn't have a girlfriend 'cause he's into guys?
Alejandro goes out and fights crime at night.
Yuki might like Rosalinda, but he does all of Yue's errands...what's up with that?
Yue and this other goth chick took out the entire kendo team at Gekkoukan! They're monsters in the dojo...
♣ They say a goddess teaches at Seven Sisters, but that can't be true, can it...?
♣ Have you heard about the drama teacher at Gekkoukan? Some say he's actually a women!
♣ I don't know why it is, but I get a weird feeling about Ishikawa-sensei...I saw some plants just die after he touched them!
♣ A vampire claimed Yuu-kun right in one of the bathrooms at Paulownia Mall!
♣ A tentacle monster lives in one of the Raitou hospitals... I wonder which one it is?
♣ I heard that kid Shino was into that dominance and submission stuff! He even had another guy as his dog!
♣ Everyone and their mother's getting shot nowadays...
♣ You know the drama teacher and Ishikawa-sensei? Don't they seem really close...?
♣ Hey, I heard someone say that Shino is actually a futanari! I bet they found out by doing something naughty together...
♣ Did you know that Furusato Marina and Arisato Minato are trying to make their debuts as pop idols?
♣ That girl, Fubuki...there's something not quite right about her.
♣ They say if you make a wish at the old shrine in Yasogami, it'll come true!
That idol was shot and is hospitalized! They say he was defending a hooker... But why was he in that part of town?
♣ I saw Mibu-sensei hitting on a young girl in the park! What a pervert!
Idane Yuki has joined a criminal gang-- Where are his parents, anyway?
♣ Someone said they saw the dead rising last week...
Morizawa Chieko leads a gang of delinquents and gets into brawls all the time on the streets.
♣ I saw that vampire covered in blood... They say he lurks in the alleyways at night!
♣ You know that one cafe? Run by the italian guy? They say he's really royalty! They just banished him because Italy doesn't have kings anymore...
♣ Don't pay attention to the weird spam you get on your phone, I've heard it's from the Devil.
♣ There's something strange going on between Yue, Alejandro and Paru...are they in one of those open relationships?
♣ I think the house market's crashing, there's so many hobos in the parks lately.
♣ There are avatars of gods running around Raitou! They look like normal people, but they could be anyone!
♣ Doesn't that girl Maiko look a hell of a lot like Takagawa-sensei at Gekkoukan?

♣ That popstar Sei picks up prostitutes to torture and kill, and the record company covers it up!
♣ People say that if you go down to the riverside at midnight and light a candle, a pale rider will challenge you to a race!
♣ That blonde teacher Takagawa walks the streets at night for money! He doesn't care if it's wrong or right!
♣ That purple haired girl... She cut someone's tongue out! Should people like that really be on the streets?
♣ There are voyeurs in some of the parks!
♣ All those rich kids in Raitou have formed a yakuza gang. They carry weapons!
♣ Hey, you know that half-blood kid? He's actually not human! I saw him summon a giant angel1
♣ There are a lot of strange things going on, lately...
♣ Someone approached the martial arts master in the park for training and he killed her.
That cult is getting more popular these days... I heard they brainwash people!
♣ Did you know there's a nurse at the hospital who kills patients?
♣ Someone washed that albino kid's tongue with soap so hard, it fell off!
♣ I can't understand a word that new teacher is saying. Why can't she just quit!
Takagawa Miyoko kidnaps teenagers and performs nefarious experiments on them...
♣ Last night I met one of the mermaids at St. Hermlin!
♣ There's air conditioning in that place beyond the portals...
♣ I hear the heat's driving everyone a little crazy.
Miyoko-sensei gets beat up by his pimp, that's why he keeps showing up with bandaids!
♣ That purple haired girl is in an open relationship with her room mate and boyfriend! Scandalous!
♣ There's illegal motorcycling racing at night in the inner districts.
Idane Yuki is in an abusive relationship with that girl Linda.
♣ The mysterious foreigner can only be challenged at the arcade on a full moon!
Nishihara Shun is a stalker.

Haruhi reads shojo BL in his spare time.
♣ That actress Paru sexually harasses girls!
♣ Someone said drugs keep going missing from the hospital...
♣ That purple haired girl and the boy with the eyepatch tried to kill someone!
♣ The girl Yui is kinda creepy... I hear she hears voices!
♣ There's a ghost rider on the river! They kidnap people to use as a sacrifice to angry gods.
Miller-sensei is in a relationship with a man!
♣ That vampire is bound to the popstar, Sei!
Ishida Seiji is addicted to heroin.
♣ I saw this European girl at the festival, buying people free beef bowls! I bet she's totally loaded!
♣ The painter Kazuya Merrit actually draws hardcore yaoi under an assumed name!
♣ Haven't some people been disappearing, lately...? A lot of pets are missing, too.
♣ Did you hear? Miller-sensei has a green-haired boyfriend. They went on a date together!
♣ That idol Sei and Kaito were flirting on stage!
Kaito was in the club with some green-haired boy...he never seems to date, does he?
♣ That American teacher seems real friendly with Sei...
Takagawa Miyoko got kidnapped by his pimp for not paying up on time.

♣ That foreign kid got stabbed by a ghost!
♣ Did you see? That biker got a date with that girl mechanic. Oo la la~
♣ There's a shrine that grants wishes somewhere in Raito...but they say you have to pay a price.
Mibu Haruhi...he doesn't seem exactly stable, does he?
Sei was seen out with that vampire! He was feeding him to keep him from attacking some fans!
Takagawa Miyoko is being abused by his little sister!
♣ Have you heard? There are demons in the streets at night, and gangs of them are fighting over who gets to claim Raitou!
Miyoko is being domestically abused by someone-- He keeps showing up with bruises and bandages!
♣ I hear Miller-sensei went mysteriously missing.
♣ The Faulkner siblings ended up shot. I hear Roa did too... Maybe it was an assassination?!
♣ That albino vampire has scars from being attacked by a vampire hunter. Poor thing!
Nibelung increased their territory again...
♣ That Morizawa girl went out with a maid. Shouldn't that sort of fetish be kept in the bedroom? Kids these days!
Idane Yuki still wears winter clothing. Maybe he's hiding Yakuza tattoos?!
♣ The idol Paru and Mibu had a fight at the train station. Maybe she didn't want him to leave? Scandalous.
♣ I hear the hospital is increasing security due to theft.

Carmen Sandiego came to visit Raitou!
♣ There's a cop that's living with a funny white haired guy... I wonder if they hooked up?
Mibu Haruhi tripped and fell down twenty flights of stairs! He should be more careful.
♣ I saw two cyclopses on a date yesterday... They really fit each other.
♣ That new guy with the white hair really is too friendly. Isn't he suspicious?
Michi ripped out her own eye!
♣ They're transferring in new police officers...are things really that bad?
Mibu-sensei was put in the hospital! I heard it was a hit and run...
♣ There was a ghost rider pulling a girl out of the river! I saw it myself!
♣ Hey...doesn't that new cop look a lot like Sei...?
♣ I hear Miller-sensei isn't coming back... Did he skip the country?
Rosalinda was buying lots of candy for kids!
I think it was a werewolf that killed that guy!
Paru was fighting with Sei! Maybe the show isn't going well?
♣ I hear the eldest Idane refused a omiai.
Takagawa-sensei was in a gang fight! Who's teaching my class now?!
♣ That blonde girl puts drugs in her lemonade!
♣ Did you see that white-haired guy with the coat and that crazy biker chick? I wish I could do a flip...
♣ The police department is getting expanded again... Why don't the news talk about it?
♣ What's with that crazy hooker in a kimono? She has to be some sort of demon!
Retsu is getting private dancing lessons from Sei.
♣ That bookstore lady is back from vacation, isn't she? No one knows where she went!
♣ There are demons running around Raitou! They tore a man to shreds!
♣ Is there another vampire in the city? I saw him playing in the rain...
Demons, werewolves, vampires? Everyone knows the military is doing experiments in the water supply!
Hisa's back! But she doesn't remember anything, I wonder what happened.
Yue and Alejandro are into weird pagan sex rituals!
♣ That apartment building... Some of the tenants are awfully loud at night, aren't they?
♣ That new PI is so a robot.
Makoto's in an abusive relationship with that teacher! Her arm was broken!
Yuu and Michi are having a shotgun wedding!
♣ Everyone that hangs out with Morizawa Chieko ends up losing an eye. It's actually due to a plot by her to fulfill her perverted fetish for a pirate harem!
♣ The mechanic Kuzuki Isao is actually a robot.
♣ With all these ghosts and demons around I think this city needs a few exorcists!
Rosalinda's been so grumpy lately, I bet she's pregnant!
That foreign kid...isn't he just so dreamy? He's a musician too...the perfect catch!
Izumi and Roa are really shameless! Don't they know school's not the place for that kind of thing?!
♣ A police officer was killed last week...someone said they saw the ghost rider do it!
Fubuki is really a man, and all this searching for her 'brother' is just code for picking up chicks!

♣ I hear Nibelung lost a gang war and got wiped out! The city's much safer now, right?
♣ Wasn't that biker seen walking away from the Nibelung place?
♣ There's a gang war happening...
♣ Another police officer died... Aren't they raising patrols?
♣ Lots of teenagers are falling into some sort of criminal gang-- It's terrible!
Izumi Yue got hospitalised. Was it because she's attached to those Yakuza kids? I thought she was a sweet girl...
♣ That white haired foreigner disappeared on Monday. Didn't that Nibelung girl fight him once?
♣ I saw Michi take that albino into an alleyway... But isn't she dating someone else?!
♣ I saw a demon fighting Death itself! What's going on?
♣ There's been a demon attacking everyone it can get to.
♣ Did you see Takagawa-sensei with that blonde woman? Are they dating?
♣ There must have been a murder in the apartment block! Did you hear that screaming?
♣ That woman with red eyes gives me the creeps... What's with her?
Chieko threw all her sketches away into the rain! Is she giving up art?
♣ That black haired cop is a total hentai! Did you see what he was buying at Animate? Ew!
♣ That new doctor seems nice. Is he related to that Akimoto with the patch?
♣ Is Miller-sensei in a relationship with the Idane heir? No wonder he left school! Scandalous!
Takagawa-sensei has bruises again... I hear it's something to do with that Haruhi Mibu!
♣ I heard that Idane's maid is actually his slave! Is he building up some sort of kinky red-haired harem?!
Miller-sensei's missing an eye now... was it from a bear attack?
♣ That 'Ichiro' person tried to molest a kid at the festival!
The DJ and his girlfriend Yue were gonna have a threesome with a girl in Lolita clothing.
That new cop is a robocop.
♣ What's with all the kids with weird scars...? Is there some sort of cult?
♣ The purple haired girl has super strength! Is she a mutant?
♣ I hear Miller-sensei became an international pirate on holiday. How cool!
Takagawa-sensei beat up Mibu-sensei at the festival. Lovers spat?!
♣ That red-haired cop has joined the Idane family harem!
♣ Did you see? Yue had all those bruises the other day...it can't be that she's being abused?!
Mibu-sensei was abducted by aliens and had his personality swapped!
♣ I saw Linda giving that man with the strange eyes a plushie...but isn't she with Yuki?!
♣ There's another vampire around town...doesn't he look a bit like Yuki?
♣ I saw Death on the riverbank!


♣ People have been acting a little strangely lately...
♣ That new kid was summoning demons on a roof!
♣ Hasn't Fubuki seemed more distant lately...?
♣ A little kid made a girl with an eyepatch cry at the shrine!
♣ That forensics officer has an evil twin.
Sei abuses his boyfriend!
♣ That woman Nami... She's a demon! It's true! I saw her walking through the blizzard!
♣ That teen doujinshi artist is moving in with some other teens... For orgies. Kids have no morals these days.
♣ That half-french foreigner was kidnapped for organs, I saw it happen.
♣ I hear that forensic investigator had two guys stay at her home. Scandalous!
♣ That purple-haired girl Michi was talking to that albino about love... Isn't she already dating?
♣ The maid cafe is collecting eye patched girls for creepy otaku fetishes.
♣ That American girl's dog eats people! It's a monster!
Retsu knows real kung-fu!
♣ What's the story with Yuki and his cousin... I mean, aren't they first-cousins? Is that even allowed...?
♣ That girl Yui? She's totally crazy. It's true, I heard it.
DJ Lamentador is collecting a harem!
Rosalie has a boyfriend! He doesn't talk much...
♣ The red head homeless girl beats kids for money. Where are the cops?!
Michi went on a crash diet. Was it because her boyfriend left her?


♣ Did you see? Mibae took a redhead guy home...is he moving on to guys because he can't get any girls?!
Sei has an identical clone...another record label must have done it to try and steal sales!
♣ There's a white haired foreigner terrorist running around! Scary!
♣ Those twins who just opened an antique store in Yasogami...they seem really close, don't you think?
♣ That new boy in the Hiigamori complex is a pimp!
Linda is a domestic abuser. I saw her beating up her boyfriend!
♣ That red head guy was on a date with a little girl... Totally a pedo. He better not be working in pediatrics, right?
Minoru Sasaki was arrested for being crazy... I wonder what happened?
♣ That albino Idane is living with DJ Lamentador... Maybe he's into that, too? Should I dye my hair?


Fukui Ichiro took a strange cat home... he's such a kind soul!
♣ I think Kaito Miller was attacked by a different kind of bear, if you know what I mean~
♣ That grumpy old cop got a haircut! I think it looks nice.
Takanawa Mibae's been sick from work a lot more lately... Doesn't he have patients to save?!
♣ An eyepatched boy and an albino kid went into an alley... and then both came out with bite marks and scratches! It doesn't take a genius to guess what happened there.
♣ That crazy Linda chased people around on Valentines! With a bat!
♣ They say that kid Yuki's family home was burned down in a Yakuza fight... No wonder the firefighters didn't show up.
♣ The green haired forensics girl left her job. Maybe she's becoming a housewife to that cop?
♣ On Valentines day that red haired cop was on a cafe date with a blonde American. Oo la la~
♣ A bunch of people went missing at the same time. I guess they had a party?
♣ A bunch of meddling kids took down the Yoshida-kai. What the fuck is with this city?
Yomenaido bookstore was attacked by terrorists! but... whhhhyyy?
♣ That idol Ryoji keeps going out with some little blonde foreigner-- I'm super jealousss!
Robocop IS GETTING MARRIED. But can a robot even love?
♣ That girl Chieko was alone on Valentines. Agaaaaain.

Sei shot a man in Kyoto, just to watch him die.
♣ I saw Michi take a blonde foreigner home...Has she no shame?!
♣ That albino kid is building a gundam! I saw him buying the parts!
There's no way that was just a gas leak, was it?
♣ That white-haired woman who the bookstore owner's been hanging out with? Rival martial artist. They're totally going to fight to the death.
♣ All those new people in town? Totally here to shoot some low-budget film. That's why Johnny has a camera with him all the time.
♣ Did you hear? Takagawa-sensei has a daughter, there was a paternity test on TV and everyhing! No wonder he works all those jobs!
♣ Those rich kids are building a giant robot, powered by music. That's why Alejandro's been looking for a vocalist, and having the albino buy parts!
I heard there was a video account online that has some cryptic stuff on it. Is someone treating the gas leak as part of one of those ARGs? That's just sick!
♣ I saw that albino kid getting dragged into an alley again... it looked like a redheaded guy this time. Whatever happened to doing that in District 9?
♣ That tall girl was walking around with a bruise on her face a while ago. That's what she gets for dating that delinquent...
♣ I heard all the stores in the shopping district are pooling their money to build a giant death ray. I'd stay away from Junes if I was you...
The news says we were all hallucinating, but someone told me it's actually a government conspiracy! For what, I wonder?
♣ That ex-Idane brat is living with DJ Lamentador and his harem! Scandalous.
Takagawa-sensei went to that bookstore and there was a lot of screaming in the basement! And then he came out blushing! What happened?!
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