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--> What is the Underside?

The Underside is a supernatural aspect of the city, where the monsters known as shadows roam, and people can become Persona users. More information has yet to be discovered, and only through exploring the plot will more information become known.

In appearance, the Underside has the same buildings and parks as Raitou, and matches the districts. However, areas that are accessible in the main city may not be so in Raitou, and vice versa; A large corporation building guarded in Raitou may not be so in the Underside, but an open school in Raitou may be impenetrable in Underside.

The sky is a perfectly dull grey, all the way to the horizon.

The Underside does not extend beyond the borders of the city. Everything past the city is merely grey nothingness, and attempts to explore that may be... Unfortunately brief.

--> Accessing the Underside;

The Underside is accessed either through randomly appearing portals (tears in the fabric of space) or by using permanent portals. Randomly appearing portals are rare, and do not appear near large groups, or in the busiest areas; No portals will appear in a class room.

How your character finds these portals, and whether they go through, is determined by the players and not the moderators. Any character has the chance to post discovering or entering one, but any character entering the Underside is at risk of being attacked by shadows... Or other characters.

--> Sealed sections of the Underside;

Certain areas of the Underside cannot be accessed by normal means. Currently, the First District is completely inaccessible.

--> Persona;

If your character was applied for with the persona sections of the application filled, your character automatically has the chance to awaken and become a user when they arrive in the underside. This is decided by the player, not the moderator. Any post in the Underside may deal with a character awakening to their powers.
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