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Raitou City is on a manmade island, and is broken into 22 districts. These districts form three rings, and each ring has it's own distinctive air. Access to all of them is easy with the public transport system of electric trams, underground trains and in the sky monorails working 24/7.

Every location you require for post or activity exists in Raitou, as player locations are free to make. Whether it is a specific store you need to create, or a general place like a back alleyway, you may assume it exists and use it. Familiar Persona locations from all games such as Junes, Wild Duck Burger, Hakogare are also around.

The only limitation is that no new schools may be created.

[District 1]

The absolute centre of Raitou, dominated by towering office skyscrapers, government offices, company headquarters and science research labs. Primarily a large business area, only the few extremely rich or lucky live in the heart of the city but many work here, and day or night it's a busy location.

[District 2-10]

The thriving inner districts house most of the businesses, been the place to shop during the day and party at night. With a cafe on every corner, and a shop for everything you've ever needed and some you didn't know even existed, Districts 2-10 are bright, noisy and busy. They also display the most overt technology, with building-sized TVs hanging off the largest stores and displaying the latest news or advertisements.

While it retains the same outward shine of the rest of Raitou, District 9 is a bad place to be at night, acting as something of an unofficial red light district and slum. Filled with night clubs, and whispers of criminal activities, it's both the most dangerous and most exciting area of Raitou.

Gekkoukan High School is in District 3, while Seven Sisters is in District 7.

[District 11- 21]

Districts 11-21 make up the outer ring, a more laid back area dominated by parks. The only animals to be found are pets and birds, mostly. However, it still has enough greenery to feel rather idyllic. A few of the districts will have small shrines, while a large temple is in District 19. A small river even flows through districts 12-17, to assist with the irrigation of the parks.

St. Hermelin is in District 15.

District 21 has a large museum, known as simply the Museum of the World. It has large amounts of cultural knowledge from important countries, with a section of all the countries coming together to make this city. It is a popular spot for field trips or school outings, as it is a very beautiful area, with immense significance.

[District 22; Yasoinaba]

A small coastal town, on the mainland island instead of the manmade island, it's old-fashioned, quiet and slow. Many residents hate the city of Raitou, and the fact that their country town has been absorbed to become a district of it.

Yasogami High School is in District 22.
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